Last night this happened


I saw Maroon 5. live. In concert. In the pit.

I bought the tickets months ago…March I think. Two tickets…I wanted to go so badly I bought two for Adam and I, then took GG instead. Because it would have been inappropriate to rub my face in Adam Levine’s crotch politely appreciate the musical talents of Adam Levine in front of my husband, right?

I went for M5, but I enjoyed the opener Kelly Clarkson immensely. She was so down to earth, felt real, looked gorgeous and sang like…ummmm…like something that sings really really well.

Before Kelly came on there was another opener, her name was Rozzi Crane. I’ve never heard of her, but she was super cute and also had a beautiful voice.

I have to admit, at some point before we actually got into the amphitheater, I questioned my decision to buy pit tickets. When I had done it, it seemed like it would be so much fun. I did not, however, anticipate  standing under the beating son in boiling hot humid weather waiting to get into the theater as soon as possible so we could get a good spot in the pit…and then standing for the next four hours in the pit! During the line up, it occurred to me that it might not be as fun as it sounded! Also that maybe I was a bit of a sucker, having paid extra money to go in the pit… so we could stand in an uncomfortable line, fight for a good spot, and then not be able to sit!

However, that all worked out. We were quite hot and uncomfortable during certain periods of the lineup and the concert, but for the most part it was cooler inside than outside. We did not stand in the middle of the pit close to the stage, it would’ve been way too much effort (and discomfort)  to get close enough to touch Adam Levine and the other performers…so we decided if we were not close enough to touch, we might as well be more comfortable and stand back where it was was less crowded…the pit was small, so anywhere would be close, afterall. We still had an excellent view of the stage, We were standing right next to the stage, just not the center part where he walks out into the crowd.  We were close enough to see the hottest man on earth all the talented performers up close, and I’m sure pretty sure I saw him checking me out.


The concert was loads of fun. They played every good song, and at one point they sent huge white beach-balls out into the crowd so that people could bounce them all over. The balls never came close to me, but they were fun to watch. They also shot confetti into the crowd, which looked beautiful!


Here are some very sweaty pics of GG and I. As you can see, we did sit down between sets. Right on the grimy carpet. But most of the night was spent standing, and dancing!


I wore my hair curly, of course! I really loved it. I don’t know, I kind of think that straight hair is more flattering on me, from a purely aesthetic point of view. But I like the fun look of the curls, and I love the feeling of a pile of curl, and I like how much friendlier they make me appear. Somehow express my personality better, even if they are not exactly as flattering, and that makes me love them. Does that make sense?

Look how great they looked after about 7 hours of sweaty walking, standing in line, and dancing!

It took us two hours to get home…we were tired and grumpy by the end, but it was still worth it!!!


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