Decision update…1 month in

So it’s now been almost a month since I started My Fitness Pal and committed to finally losing the last 15lbs between me and my ideal weight.

So far I’ve lost…6lbs! Woot. I’m very pleased with this. I know 6lbs in a month is not a lot, but I also know I do better with slow gradual changes that lead to slower loss than big changes that may make pounds fall off quicker-but also depress me into deciding I cannot do it!

I really haven’t changed my meals very much. I am indulging in…umm…indulgent meals (pizza, sushi with lots of fried stuff, etc) less than usual but for the most part my meals are the same. I have cut down on my snacking and grazing a lot, and no longer keep open bags of nuts or rice crackers next to me in the car to pick at. I still eat these things, but in a proper portion sizes at home instead of picking until half the bag is gone! In the car I make sure my water-bottle is always full and grab an apple or portion controlled snack if I really think I’ll need one, instead of always keeping snacks on the car and munching on them even when I’m not hungry.

One change I made to the MyFitnessPal plan, is that I am no longer tracking raw plain fruits and vegetables (except high fat ones like avocado). I figure they are zero points on Weight Watchers, and before I made this change there were days that I was feeling hungry but did not want to eat an apple because the extra calories would ruin my planned dinner. (MFP gives me 1200 calories a day, plus exercise calories which are 200-400 a day for me most days…but I try not to use them all). That’s just stupid! I am not the type that is going to eat six bananas a day and consider it “not counting” because it is fruit or vegetable, but I want to know that I can grab an apple or an orange or a handful of grapes, and not worry that they are going to ruin what I can eat the rest of the day. Because I’m not “naturally” a fruit or vegetable lover, I have worked hard to get to the point where I will actually enjoy grabbing fruit or vegetables for a snack…so I really don’t ever want to do something to discourage myself from doing that. Because the reality is that I can have a handful of rice crackers for less calories than a mango or a banana… but I know the fruit is so much better for me! Anyway, since I made this change a couple weeks ago and I am still losing at the weight I want to in spite of several un-counted apples, mangos, bananas, tomatoes, sliced peppers, etc…a day I guess it is working for me!!

The other thing I do not count is coffee or tea with sweetener and a little milk. If I have a Latte or Ice-cap or something like that, I do.




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