Working out with curls

I often work out in the middle of the day, sometimes taking a yoga class or going for a run or hopping on my spin bike on my lunch beak or after work but when I still have stuff going on later. Obviously, considering that my hair takes about an hour and a half to air dry, and I do not carry my blow dryer and diffuser everywhere I go… I needed to figure out how to deal with my hair after working out.

The first time I exercised in the middle of the day with my new curls, I was at home and didn’t have too much going on afterwards. That way if I really couldn’t handle it, I could always just start over.

Obviously, I guess I could always just put it in a ponytail or something…but if it is the middle of the day and I have meetings and stuff going later in the day… I want it to look the way I like it!

So I came up with a method that works great for me!

-Put hair in a high loose ponytail on the top of my head, using a crease free holder like a ribbon ponytail holder, when I exercise. I use clips to loosely hold up an straggly bangs.

-after exercise shake it out, spray with water, scrunch a little, and plop in a towel during my shower.

-after shower unwrap it and let it air dry (or if I’m home diffuse a but) if it is still a bit damp, then scrunch and finger style as required.

Obviously if I am due for a wash or co-wash and I have the time, I do that. If I’m just going home or to bed after working out I do nothing and deal with it in the morning…but if I work out in the afternoon and washed my hair that morning, this works well. It’s not perfect, but more than presentable.

This morning I went to a yoga class, and showered and fully did my hair there. This afternoon I hopped on my spin bike for half an hour, and I have to go to dinner for the holidays tonight. So I did the above method with my hair:



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