What I’m eating

I’ve lost a total of about 8lbs in August (I weigh myself Mondays, but I peeked this morning). Yeah me! I am really excited to see what October brings. I am planning to continue until the beginning of November…then I will work on maintaining for wherever I get in these 3 months!! That is generally what works for me; losing weight slowly for a while, than taking a break and working on making the loss for a while (last time was about 3 years!)…until the way I need to eat and exercise to maintain it stops feeling like work and starts just becoming how I am….and I can move on and try to lose a bit more weight if I need to.  I suspect after 2 more months of this, I wont feel I need to lose more weight anytime soon, since I am already pretty damn close to my ideal weight and, frankly, I don’t want to lose enough weight to need new clothes! I like my clothes and have put a lot of effort and money into my current wardrobe. Luckily I mostly tend to wear clothes that is fitted and stretchy (I like the way fitted stretchy pants-like skinny jeans- look more, and it is better for me with tops, because non-stretchy tops fit too big everywhere else if they fit my breasts, and fitted shows off my curves more…holy run on sentence!) so I am pretty sure I can lose a fair amount of weight and just have my clothes look better (less lumps), not be too big. If I start to get dangerously close to needing new jeans…I am DONE!

Anyways, back to the topic planned. Although I am definitely watching what I eat a bit more, and no longer eating almonds and cashews every moment I am in the car…I am not suffering, at all!

Some of the things I have been eating, a lot:




-Greek yogurt

-Tomatoes with balsamic reduction, steak spice, and light feta or  mozzarella cheese

-1 Egg scrambled with cheese and tomato sauce

-Baked apples

-Zucchini Parmesan (slice Zucchinis, top with sliced cherry tomatoes-optional, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with light Parmesan, and bake at 350  until browned)

-Little single serving cans of flavored tuna

Chapman’s peanut butter crunch frozen yogurt. Not the lightest treat ever…but yummy and light enough to have for dessert a few times a week after a healthy dinner

-Nachos, made with baked tostitoes and light shredded tex-mex cheese

Besides making some healthier choices in my meals and snacks, I have been paying more attention to portions, and started out counting or measuring out a serving of tostidos or frozen yogurt or cheese, instead of using as much as I need and calling it a “serving”. Of course, after a few weeks of this I know what a serving looks like and can eye-ball it.

I took a picture the first day of My Fitness Plan, and another a month later. I don’t mind sharing…I’ve shared myself in a bikini and yoga clothes, so nothing new here. I am very happy with how much tighter my waist is…no more blobbing over my shorts. Also, my breasts now fit in my sports bra! Look forward to another picture on October 6, than November 6…then I will be done for a while!
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