Whats for dinner?

I LOVED dinner tonight. It was blackened (although it looked more reddened to me) Tilapia and stove-top corn. Adam and I loved the fish (I made plain for Lotte, and Zoë had vegetarian friendly leftovers) and we all loved the corn.

The fish

-Pre-heat over to 350

-Line baking tray with tin foil, pray with non-stick cooking spray

-Lightly brush olive oil on both sides of tilapia filets (I am sure this would also be good with sole, trout, salmon).

-Dip fish on both sides into Cajun seasoning. I bought one ready made, but you could also make your own if you have all the spices around.

-Bake about 12 minutes.


The Corn

-Heat a pan on medium and spray with cooking spray

-Dump in 2 cups of frozen corn

-Add a litte more cooking spray on top of the corn

-Stir fry util corn starts to brown

-Turn off heat, throw in whatever seasonings you like (I used salt, pepper and a teaspoon of minced garlic. If the kids weren’t around I would have tossed in some Cajun seasoning or steak spice as well) and mix another minute or so.



Adam made the kids Nutella French Toast roll-ups for lunch today. It looked awesome:


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