Beige and other colours

I haven’t worn light pants in…umm…as long as I can recall. After last years successful foray into red jeans, I decided to try beige this fall. I got these at Dynamite for about 15$ so if I hate them, it’s okay. But I think I like them:

I must say, even after investing (minimally, on deep discount or used) on some premium jeans such as Mavi, Paige, Seven for all Mankind (I have long ones too), Joe’s Jeans (I have new not Booty Cut ones as well…2 pairs…to be worn this fall and winter)…Dynamite’s coloured jeans continue to impress me! Both my red ones and these are made of a soft comfortable material with just enough stretch, keep their shape all day, and last well. I wore the hell out of red ones last year and they are still going strong, and these ones are super soft, comfy and flattering this year!

I am adding a hair picture, because my hair looks nice. As does my lip-gloss, Revlon Colourburst in Rosepearl.

Last thing I wanna say is…today was weigh in day (always Monday, so I am not tempted to overeat on weekends, even when I am not “dieting” but just maintaining…and…10lbs down since August 6. 145ish. I say ish because I have an old school scale that’s a bit iffy…but I always put it in the same spot and stand in it the same way that I know gives the most accurate and consistent weight. I should really get a new one…but I sorta feel like of I got a precise digital one, I’d obsess over it.

Anyways I’m finally at a “healthy” BMI! I’m aiming to lose around 5 more pounds…but since I committed to “dieting” until the end of October/early November, I may have to adjust that. Or maybe it’ll slow down a lot now. Who knows? For now, I am very very happy! My clothes all still fit, but better. I look a lot better naked (or almost naked) and feel good about knowing I am going into my 40s with a “healthy” BMI (although I don’t really think I am any healthier than I was 10lbs ago! I exercise the same, feel the same, and the biggest dietary change I made was eating less nuts…which, although fattening…are a pretty healthy snack with some great nutritional benefits. It is not like I was living on Big Macs and coca-cola just a few weeks go!).


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