Whose that curl?

My outfit yesterday:

Mavi Alexa black jeans (Mavi Alexa are great mid-priced skinnies btw. 75-100$, soft denim, great fit. An awesome mid-point between premium jeans and mass market retail brands! My first nice jeans were Mavi and I go back to them whenever I cannot get an awesome deal on new or used premium brand).

The t-shirt was like 10$ at Urban Planet. It is funny how Urban is like the cheapest tween store, but sometimes I find little gems there! I go there once it twice a season to buy things like leggings, and tank tops. Occasionally though I come across something very cute and cheap. Last summer some of my cutest most complemented dresses were from Urban! Also, their sweatpants are the most comfortable pajamas in the world! A few days ago I wanted to get some more sweatpants, because they were two for $15. The T-shirt was just hanging on a rack staring at me, and I had to have it! Besides how cute it is, I enjoy asking people if they like my pussy. Yes, I am almost 40, why do you ask?

I also want to update on my hair. I have now been doing the curly girl thing for over a month, and I am so thrilled! My hair gets earlier and curlier, and I can honestly say I have not had a bad hair day since I started. Certainly some days are better than others, but I have not had a day where I have looked at my hair and thought “Ugh, this just needs to go into a ponytail.” I have experimented with a lot of the recommended hair products, but discovered that the ones I started with where the best for me! Sulfate free shampoo on occasion, silicone free conditioner for co-washing and as a leave-in, and Curl Keeper plus AG recoil as a styler. Using a diffuser really pumps things up!

For second day curls or post workout or end of day refreshing, I like Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisture Mist (smells like heaven, no headache!)…but a spritz of water works too.

Yesterday was definitely one of my best hair days yet. Check out these corkscrew curls! Several people asked me if I used a curling iron (I didn’t)! Who knew my hair could do this?


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