Purple yes, pink no

I’ve been so busy. Work plus life plus being a tad under-the-weather (and having an under-the-weather kid) has had me completely overwhelmed

In exciting news, I joined a new barre studio for the month, due to a great intro deal. I belong to a Yoga Tree now, but don’t love it, because the Ashtanga is on weekend afternoons which is not doable for me, and they changed the teacher for the classes I do go to (Monday and Wednesday night Hatha and Vinyasa) and I do not love the new teacher. The Barre place has Ashtanga Tuesday and Thursdays at 8…and is close to home. I’ve practiced primary twice this week and loved it! If the studio remains open, I’ll move there once my Yoga Tree commitment is up (unless something at YT changes. I haven’t tried Barre yet, but think I will Sunday. I’ve heard it is a fun and effective workout so I’m looking forward to it. The place also has Pilates, Zumba and other yoga practices…could be great for me. If you’re local, check them out!

Today I wore some new Mavi Alexa jeans…purple and cheap on Amazon but oh so soft, comfy and flattering! The colour is dark enough to be almost neutral. If you buy Mavi Alexa, size down as they are pretty stretchy. I am 29 in most jeans but 28 in these!

I am adding a close up if my hair because I finally went over the pink streaks. The bleach that made them so bright was growing out, and they were looking funny. I liked them…but all dark is nice too. My hair is looking sorta drab…I think it needs a shampoo!
I’m on my phone so my pics are probably weirdly formatted, I’ll fix in the morning!


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