Grrr…so grumpy about yoga!

I talked about this a little last post…but I need to lay it out here to clear it in my mind.

Background…I went to Moksha Thornhill for about 6 months. Ashtanga twice a week, Vinyasa once a week…the occasional hot class. It was great. Then, in September they changed the Ashtanga schedule to one that would not work for me. I had to leave and went to YogaSpace, a new studio close to my home that I loved…but they closed within a few weeks of me joining.

Desperate to find somewhere to practrice, I ended up at the new YogaTree Vaughan. They had a 70$ a month unlimited deal…a very good price…with a 4 month commitment. So, I went for it.  A lovely space, but not a great location for me, and Ashtanga is at a time I cannot attend (middle of the day Saturdays and Sundays). I was going to the Monday and Wednesday night Hatha 1-2 flow classes, and Sunday morning Hatha 1. The Monday and Wednesday classes were good…Sunday morning was okay. Now, they have have changed and I am not very happy. The Monday and Wednesday night classes changed to Vinyasa (good) but I don’t love the teacher (I don’t hate her, but I liked the last one a lot more). Also, 8:45 classes twice  a week are kinda a pain in the butt, since I get home after 10! The Sunday class is still just okay for me. An odd time (an hour after Hebrew School starts, but around the corner from Zoë’s Hebrew School…so I have to waste an hour on Sunday morning at 9:30am when there is nothing to do, and cannot even sit in a Tim’s or Starbucks since food or drink before yoga makes me sick) and then have a big rush to get back for Hebrew school pick-up afterwards, and it is a Hatha 1 class, so not really my level. I could go to the Free Lululemon class, which is a better time (10am, so I can go straight there, and have some time afterwards), and get pretty much the same level class (and, I have a few times!).  BTW, this is not to say YT Vaughan is bad, it is not. A lovely place, and some great teachers I love…but those teachers do not happen to teach the classes I can or want to attend. Also, if other options (below) had not arisen, than even though YT is not exactly ideal for me…I would certainly not be considering leaving, and would be happy enough there. Also, they have a lot of hot classes..which you all know I loathe do not enjoy! I would certainly recommend anybody looking to find a new Yoga spot in Vaughan or Thornhill Check it out!!!

In the meantime, in the middle of being not super duper happy at YT Vaughan…a new barre/pilates/yoga studio (Wicked Barre) just opened near me (in the old YogaSpace location). They have Ashtanga Tuesday and Thursday nights, Vinyasa (with a teacher I know and love) Monday nights, and some barre classes, which I hear is a fun and great workout (I’ll find out tomorrow) I could attend on weekends. I am going there now with a 40$ intro pass…but once that is done I cannot justify spending the money for a full-priced membership (100$ a month) when I am paying 70$ a month elsewhere! Obviously, I know after my intro month I will just have to suck it up and go to YT for the remaining 2 months I am committed and than switch…but it sucks. Wicked Barre is closer to home with classes, teachers (in the classes I would attend) and a schedule I like more (night classes start at 8, the perfect time for me). Also, it is a small independent place…I know for a place like this, just starting off, every client counts. I am scared if I don’t go for 2 months…they’ll be gone :(

I may buy some class passes and use them ONLY for times I would not practice at the YT anyways (to save them and get my use out of the other place)…but still…it just sucks! Also, class passes are only worth it if you go once a week. Once it moves to twice a week…even for 10 classes a month, a monthly pass is a better deal….but I obviously cannot belong to two places on full monthly passes. So…lets hope that Wicked has a class pass sale maybe? If I pay the full price for them…it will only make sense for me to go there just once a week..though I could fit 2-3 times a week (I could do occasional lunch or afternoon classes there when I work from home, YT is too far to do so) in even with my current YT schedule!

I even checked if I could cancel my YT membership but to do so before the 4 months I committed to would cost a $100penalty, and has to be two weeks before my next billing cycle starts….my next billing cycle will start in a few days…so that would be the billing cycle that starts November 8. Grrr…by then I don’t think it will be worth the 100$ to cancel, since I will only have 2 months left. I mean…I guess I would “save” 40 dollars…but…still…that is stupid. I just cannot.

So, I guess my plan, after the month, is to go to YT until the new year, while attending the occasional class at Wicked…and hope Wicked is still around with a schedule I still like come new years.



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