2 months in!

It’s now been 2 months since I decided to hop off my 3 year plateau and try and lose a bit more weight by joining MyFitnessPal. Weigh in is tomorrow but I hopped on today…14lbs down and only 1 pound from my goal. It is also a few pounds in the “healthy” BMI zone, which was my main goal. Yeah!!


Forgive the weird editing of the picture. My collage app changed since the last one! Look how tighter my obliques are! My collarbones and neck are also more defined. I’ve got one more month before I stop MFP…I committed myself to 3 months of “active dieting” and then focussing on maintaining wherever it gets me for a while…or forever! If I lose another 5-7lbs (seems to be my monthly average!) I will be very happy indeed. Really though…I’m happy now and if not that I am anal and want to do what I set out for (3 months) I’d probably start to focus on maintaining now! As I assumed would be the case, clothing I wore 14lbs ago still fits me just fine…it all just looks a but less fitted (okay, tight!) and less lumps are there!

In other news, I tried Cardio Barre at Wicked Barre today and LOVED It. I think it would be a great compliment to running and yoga…helping with cardio, strength and flexibility!

We did a warm up (squats, lunges, etc) then alternated slower strength focused barre work intervals with faster ones (but still the same sort of exercises) to keep heart rate up, then some focused core work at the end (mostly boat variations). I was sweating like a pig and my heart rate felt high the while class. It felt like a good cardio workout and I’m pretty sure my lower body and core will feel it tomorrow. We did upper body stuff too (bar push-ups) but that was easy for me since I do about a million Chaturangas a week!


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