Too big and just right

The good news is, I am wearing new AG jeans I bought from HauteLook for 70$. A very good price for very good jeans. The bad news is, since AG jeans always fit small on me, I bought a 30 instead of my usual 29. It figures these would be the big fitting AG jeans. They fit just right when I put them on (jeans should be a tad tight when put on) and are loose and saggy by day’s end. Grrr. I really wish I’d bought a 29 or even 28. But…I guess they are good for those annoying fat days. They are super comfortable! If I ever see then on a deal again, all grab then in a smaller size for sure! Worn with a super soft sweater from The Gap:

At least my hair looks good. After realizing curl keeper + recoil is my best combo….I went and bought Shea Moisture Curl Soufflé. I tried it last night (after my leave in) and was not happy with the defined yet stringy curls it created. I fully intended to wash and redo today, but when I woke up and let it down from it’s loose ponytail and shook it out…I was pleased.

After a bit of styling:

So I guess the Soufflé is more suited to using for nights I style before bed than for styling fresh in the morning. Next week I’m going to Curly Girls for a wash, style and consult. Hopefully I’ll learn some great tips for caring for my new curls. I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve taught myself…but I still get more frizz on the top than I’d like (it increases through the day) that I want to learn to manage.

7pm hair (see the frizzy halo?):


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