How I look, how I feel

I think I looked cute today yesterday. Wore green leggings, my black T-shirt dress, a cute cream cardigan from Aeropostale (not somewhere I usually shop…but occasionally I find something nice and cheap at this teen friendly spot), leather booties from a friend (bought on clearance online, and never worn by her), and a scarf from my mom from Italy.

So I looked good, but felt awful! Because Thursday night, I attended a circus class at Wonderful World of Circus. The warm up, hour or so in the trapeze, hoops, silks and floor, and cool down/core work was fun but TOUGH!!! Pics:





Going back next week…with Adam!!!

In a running update, I was going to run the Toronto Women’s 8k next Saturday…but I think I’ll skip it. A friend was gonna do it with me but hurt her knee. I don’t wanna go alone. When I started running I did races alone all the time but I haven’t in a few years now because I have friends that run. If there was something special about this race going alone wouldn’t bother me but it’s one I’ve done several times before (not the 8k specifically, but the TWR series)…so going alone on a Saturday morning to run this race alone just feels like a big pain in the butt. Then I feel bad because I’ve encouraged lots of people to run races alone (which I still think is great if someone wants to do them and has no running friends…just at this point and for this race it doesn’t seem worth the bother) and because it’ll mean I only did one race this year after doing at least 4 the last few years. I guess that doesn’t matter though…I’ve stayed fit and continued to enjoy it and that’s what matters right-staying fit for my body and mind, whatever the method? Pushing myself to do more races when they aren’t really what I enjoy most anymore would be sorta counter-intuitive right? I think doing 2.5 half marathons (training for them, more than the races) in one year just really sucked the love of running…having to run to prepare for a race…from me and I needed the break from it. I’ve run this spring, summer and fall, but only when and how much I wanted to, and it’s been a pleasure! Maybe next running season I’ll try more races. Maybe not!


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