Curly girl

Yesterday I went for a consult with Adina at the Curly Girls salon. I wanted some advice to how to deal with my new curls! My big questions for her were how to minimize frizz (especially on the top with second day hair), and maximize curls!

First she washed my hair, then applied a treatment to it, and then she showed me how to style and dry it. It was a bit flatter when she styled it than I would’ve liked, but she explained the treatment was weighing it down, and it would spring up.

She wasn’t kidding! My second day hair (I wore it up overnight, spritzed with Botanical Boost and diffused a little) was awesome, lots of springy curls, and a lot less frizz than usual!

We reviewed my current routine and products, and she gave me some adjustments to try:
1. Clarify my hair once or month or so by adding some baking soda to my shampoo.
2. Cup my hair with my hands and fingertips when I wash and rinse to maintain the curl pattern.
3. Comb the gel through my hair in sections with a fine tooth comb to smooth the cuticle. She recommended this comb, that I found for less than 20$ on eBay!
4. Skip the leave in conditioner and oil products…too much moisture can both weigh down curls and cause frizz.
5. When I blow dry, blow downward to smooth the cuticle for a few minutes before diffusing
6. Clip the roots when drying for extra lift.

She suggested the Oidad line but agreed I could use my current products until I ran out. She did give me some samples though. The only product I bought was Oidad Botanical Boost, for second day hair. I used it today and loved it!

I’m excited to wash and style myself tomorrow and see the results!!


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