Phew, glad that’s over!

Remember when I decided to diet for 3 months! I’m done ! I guess Wednesday is my real last day, but today was my last weigh in day! I’ve only lost 1lb over the last 2 weeks (which kinda confirms I’m done. I consider plateaus my body and mind’s way of telling me to take a break from actively dieting and focus on maintenance for a while…or ever!) and lost a total of 17lbs. I am right around what I was aiming for, and very pleased.

Here are some pics from July, just before I made the decision:

Around the middle (September):

And today!:

I am finally a healthy BMI. Also I definitely look slimmer and trimmer…however need very little new clothes. I got some new workout stuff and a few of my older tunics and stretched out jeans could use replacing but the rest of my formerly borderline too tight clothes are now nicely fitted. There is a part of me that is (always will be) a bit disappointed that I’m still not “skinny” but I just have to get over that.


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