Out with the old

2013, much like 2012, was a tough year for me. There were personal and professional struggles…and too much sickness (but less loss) among those close to me.

I guess perhaps, as one ages, this is to be expected?

In spite if some not so fun challenges…2013 was also a year of triumphs. I turned 40 in good health and surrounded by love, my kids are great, my marriage is…not over, and I made some new friends, and I have met some personal goals for myself such as seeing a difficult work challenge to the end,  and doing this:


I guess my biggest accomplishment is that I have managed to maintain my weight loss from 2010 for another year, and even lost the last 20lbs or so to get comfortably within my “healthy BMI” zone.

Sometimes I wonder. As proud as I am of the weight Ive lost and the way I’ve maintained it…I cannot help but wonder when it will stop feeling like I’m a “fat girl that got thin” and as if one bad day or week will send me in a mad spiral right back up to almost 200lbs? Will that time ever come, where this is just me and I know it will stay that way? Should it, or does the constant fear of gaining it back keep me on my toes?

Anyways, as for my goals for 2014. They are vague, but real:
1) improve my marriage
2) more patience with my kids
3) less judging of those around me
4) continue to maintain my weight and fitness
5) get better control of my finances
6) work on my home


Xoxo Jill


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