So happy…

My super duper best every Ashtanga teacher, this guy, the one who got me into Ashtanga, an then into Mysore, who I went on the Yoga retreat with, is starting to teach at my Barre Studio on Thursday nights!! Woot!! I have been practicing Ashtanga there twice a week since they opened, but the teachers haven’t been the best (TBH, I’ve mostly just been doing my own practice in the corner). Which is fine, and my practice has still evolved…but having a teacher I love will be so amazing!!! I haven’t practiced with him since early August and have missed his classes so much!

In other good news, Adam and I had a much needed date nights at Mideastro Thornhill tonight, a late Anniversary dinner. I indulged, big time. 2 glasses of wine, seared tuna, eggplant salad (they were appetizers, both shared with Adam), Veal Marsala (yum!), and a Nutella Parfait for dessert (I had to, it was the only wheat free dessert…and we had a groupon, so dessert was a must!)


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