CND Vinylux review

Keeping my nails looking good has been a minor pain in the butt since I stopped using Shellac. I really liked the way Shellac looked, but I did not have the time for the upkeep. It had to be done at a salon, and I just didn’t have that much time to go to salons! Also, I picked at it a lot, and it really destroyed my nails.

Since I quit using it, I have been doing my own nails with regular polish again. I am good at doing my nails neatly, and use high-quality polishes that usually lasts okay 3-5 days with touch-ups. So, not a big problem…but nail polish that lasted a bit longer would certainly be a nice thing! Last week, I was walking around Trade Secrets and came across this mail polish called Vinylux, by CND, the makers of Shellac. The premise is that using this polish, with the Vinylux topcoat, creates a manicure that lasts seven days. The polishes and topcoat are all about $11, however many of the colors were on sale for 40% off! Who can resist a deal like that? Not me, so I bought three shades and the topcoat.

Of course, I did my nails as soon as I got home. I used a red color called Tinted Love, and took a picture. Today is one week since I put it on, and here are the results!

Pretty impressive! I have not touched up those nails at all, except adding a tiny bit near the cuticle of one nail where the cuticle got ripped and I had to push it back, leaving a bare spot. Obviously, there’s the accent nail, which Zoe did for me, and was done over the original polish. I did get some tiny chips at the tips of my nails, but they were small enough that a quick filing got rid of them. I’m really very impressed with this polish, and looking forward to trying it again. I will let you know if the other shades have the same results. I just removed it, and it came off very easily with acetone nail polish remover.

By the way, each coat dries in about nine minutes, so it takes about half an hour to do two coats of color, and one coat of topcoat, and be out the door. It is not quite as smooth and shiny as I would like, but it is more than smooth and shiny enough. It looks like any other decent polish, which is certainly not a problem… I just wish it looked like Shellac!


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