Hair update

So a few weeks ago, my hair started looking hideous. I was following the exact same routine, but suddenly it was just a mess. It looked okay in the morning, but by lunch time it was a stringy greasy frizzy mess…nothing I could do would fix it. Second day hair was absolutely impossible! Here is a picture of what I was dealing with in December:

I’m glad to say, after consulting with my hairdresser and checking out some bulletin boards, I have had great improvement. Here is a more recent picture, taken near end of the day:


Here are the changes I made:

1. I stopped using curl keeper. My hairdresser told me that it stopped working for a lot of people after a few weeks or months, and I guess that is true for me too. Maybe it will work again when it warms up, but it definitely was not not working well for me during cold dry weather.

2. I’m using more conditioner, and leaving it in my hair longer. My old routine was to wash or co-wash then condition my hair, rinse it out, put a tiny bit of leave in conditioner and some other products in my hair, shake, scrunch, plop, and leave it like that while I completed my shower and some other stuff. Nowadays, I am washing my hair, then conditioning it and letting the conditioner sit in my hair throughout my shower, then rinsing at the end of my shower and then using my leave-in, products and plopping. The extra conditioning seems to be having a really good effect on my hair. I guess in the winter it needs some extra moisture.

3. For second day hair, I usually just spritz it with some water+conditioner and then some Ouidad Botanical Boost, and re-shape and scrunch it and maybe give it a quick go-over with the diffuser. If it is a mess, I wet it more thoroughly (still with a spritzer), run some AG Mousse Gel  through it, and diffuse it. My second day hair has been great with these methods.

As for products, I’ve been using Tigi Hi-def Curls shampoo and conditioner (as rinse out and leave-in) and continue to like AG recoil best for styling. When I want a change from that I go with Ampro Ice Gel (don’t get it there though. It’s 3$ at Walmart!) or Herbal Essences totally twisted. I just got Kinky Curly Curl Custard (a favourite in the naturally curly crowd) so I’ll post a review soon


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