More gf goodness out!

Tonight I decided to please my kids and agreed to go to East Side Mario’s. I was pleased to discover that they have a Gluten-free menu, and wonder just how long they’ve had it. It is good for my taste-buds, possibly not so great for my waistline, to discover more and more restaurants with gluten-free offerings.

At ESM I had a delicious penne with pesto, peppers and goat cheese. 20140112-231016.jpg
I also did this, because I could:
Some recent pics of my kids, cuz they are so damn cute.

Zoë at the bass store making a new friend:
Lotte and her newly (last weekend) pieced ears. I love waiting until my girls (or boys, if I had them!) are ready and asking to pierce their ears instead of doing it when they are babies. It’s such a fun event. I got my own done when I was 6, and asked (begged, I think) for it and have find memories of the excitement and don’t remember it bring painful or traumatic at all…so I wouldn’t do it any other way with my girls. Some people think it’s not good to wait, because they may never want to do it. I don’t care though…if either of my daughters never pierced their ears, it would be fine with me (even though I obviously love piercings). Not having pierced ears won’t hurt them or me afterall! However…they both did at age 5 so…a non-issue!


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