Lips and neck

I’m posting this picture, in spite of the fact that it makes me look slightly psychotic, because there are two things I would like to show off.

The first one of my lipstick, I’ve spoken before of my pleasure in finding L’Oreal infallible 12 hour lipstick, and how wonderful the it lasts. When it was on same for 6$, I decided I needed a darker and more neutral color for the fall and winter…so I got this one which is called “mesmerizing merlot”. I think it’s supposed to be a wine color, but I consider it more of a dark neutral. Regardless, I do like it. When it looks a little bit too deep, I find putting a tiny bit of shimmery pink gloss over it makes it look a little lighter and brighter. This cuts the staying power of course, but it looks great.

I’m also showing off my necklace, by Foxy Originals. They are one of my favorite local jewellery designers, and recently began selling their products at Target Canada. They also sell at Shoppers Drug Mart, by the way. Unfortunately, SDM has them in their “beauty boutique” where I cannot spend more than about seven seconds without pounding headache due to the fragrance. Anyway, the necklace was normally around $30, on sale for eight dollars at target. I love it! Do you?


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