Red baroness? Not so awesome

My third shade of CND  Vinylux, Red Baroness, is a gorgeous slightly shimmery red that sadly did not hold up great. Several of my nails had chips like the one shown, and one peeled so badly I had to redo it on day 5!

I’m now trying Grape Gum, a stunning purple, and will update next week. A little preview:


3 thoughts on “Red baroness? Not so awesome

  1. used red baroness yesterday… it’s already chipping!!! of course i’m not nearly as proficient as you applying nail polish so it’s probably my shakey hand that caused the bumps and lumps in the polish- and of course i HAD to use the computer just minutes after applying so it didn’t dry as it should have.

  2. I like to do my nails before I spin…then I wont touch anything (as long as I am careful how I grip the handles)! I am also good at typing afterwards. Did you get the top-coat too? If you want to try any other shades let me know. I have a pile of them now!

  3. yes i got the top coat. the woman at the store said the polish doesn’t work without it!
    i was at work and bored to death (over time) so i did them and BANG just done when a call came i!

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