Remember this girl?

I took a bath tonight, and did nothing with my hair. No washing, conditioning, gelling, scrunching, or plopping. I was just too lazy (and a bit sick) so I just rinsed it out after my soak, towel dried it and combed through some detangler. Then I decided to blow dry it straight, because I was cold and knew it was too late to do my curly girl routine with any success.

Wow! I don’t know if my hair has ever been this long? Certainly not in years (I don’t remember having long hair in high school, but several yearbook pics prove me wrong. Never long-long…but it is shoulder length in a few).

I like it more curly, but this is a fun change and I may keep it for tomorrow, if it looks okay and I skip barre (which I will be unless the evil cold I am fighting dramatically improves overnight).

By Monday the curls will be back I’m sure!


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