After four days away from exercise, while I was letting myself recover from am evil and unpleasant cold plus laryngitis, I talked myself into going to Ashtanga last night. I was feeling mostly better, except a tickle in my throat and a headache. I know from experience that yoga often helps my headaches…either that or it makes them worse! I had a really bad day at work yesterday, I could not get it out of my head. I don’t like talking about work issues here, so I will just say that I was threatened and intimidated by someone , and was not feeling very good about the whole incident. I was not afraid, just not feeling good about the way I have handled things. Anyway, I felt like I really need to spend some time on my mat. So I took some Advil, downed some cough syrup and made my way out.

I am so glad I did! Turns out, there was only me and one other student in the class. Obviously, I would prefer the class be busier for the good of the class…but it was great for me. I was able to get some one-on-one time and attention with my teacher. That’s not something I’ve had in a long time, I guess since Mysore in the summer.

My regular readers will remember how much I have struggled with marichyasana d, and wondered if my body is even capable of it. I haven’t even really attempted it since I stopped Mysore. I mean I do it when I’m practicing, but because I don’t have anyone to assist me, I don’t get anywhere near as far as I could get with assistance…so I don’t really feel like I am working towards the bind at all. Just getting a good twist. Which is good, but I wasn’t sure if I was making progress towards the bind or not.

By the time we got to Mary D, last night, the other student was completely wiped out. She’s a bit of a newbie, and is doing awesome, but was pretty well done by then. Mark asked me if I wanted to try Mary D, I was a bit hesitant…failing it over and over again can get demoralizing…but since it’s been over six months (and 20lbs) since I tried, I decided to go for. On the right side, I got about as far as I usually did. He noted that I haven’t lost anything, and that was good. Then we moved onto the left side. Left side is always a bit better for me! That’s because I’m able to get my right leg into a tighter Lotus, so that the right foot is a bit higher up, and I have more room to move. Anyway, as soon as we started working on that side I could feel that I was going further than I had before. By the second or third breath I was able to reach my arm down and start wrapping. It took a few more breathes and a lot of work, from Mark and myself, but eventually I felt my two hands grasp each other behind my back! There it was! I had reached the bind in marichyasana D!

I swear I almost cried at that moment. Not only because it really really hurts to be twisted so tightly! Even though I know that I have a lot of work to do, I’ve only done this once, it took loads of assistance, and it was only on one side…that moment was one that I have been working towards for a year. Not only that, but now I know that my body is capable of getting into the shape. It may take me a year or two or three more to be able to do it consistently on my own on both sides, but at least now I know I can!

I slept like a baby last night.


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