Risky style?

Last night I had a family dinner to attend, a pre-bat mitzvah dinner for my niece. I decided to wear a new sweater dress, opaque tights, and ankle booties.

Unfortunately (or not??), I realized too late that I had no opaque tights, and went with patterned fishnets instead:


I felt like it worked for several reasons:
1. The dress was long enough to wear with fishnets.

2. The pattern in both the stockings and dress was leopard. I’ve read that patterned stockings only work with patterned outfits if they pick up the same pattern.

3. The pattern in the dress was dark and subtle.

I posted the picture on my bulletin board and was advised it was too goth, too slutty, and too busy (that the dress looked great but needed opaque tights).

After a little pity party that nobody but me liked it (is that sentence structure correct??), I decided to wear it anyways. One thing I’ve always been confident of is my sense of style, and I loved the look. It might have been a bit “out there” but (except when very overweight and unconfident, and even sometimes then) “understated” has never been my style. I’ll leave “quiet elegance” to the ladies. I’m no lady!

I felt great in the outfit, all my sisters in laws and nieces seemed to like it.

The only person whose opinion I really cared about (except my own), my husband…said nothing.

Oh well.

Curious about tonight’s look for the affair? Later…


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