Life after lulu

I have been a big fan of Lululemon workout clothes for a few years. Well…not really the bottoms (no problem with them I just prefer Nike and currently have a pair of Avia shorts I love!) but the tops. I am definitely not a lululemon hater, and even when I was much larger I was able to wear Lululemon yoga pants, and tank tops. It’s true that they don’t really have sizing for someone that is a true plus size, but neither do a lot of other mainstream stores. Certainly I could fit into the Lululemon when I was a size 12 or 14 though, and I appreciated that. A lot of people say it’s only for skinny people, but I think that is definitely not true!

That said, as I have lost weight I have found Lululemon tops to fit me worse. That is because my breasts have remained, but the rest of me has gotten smaller. For the tops with built-in bras, I still need a size 10 (really 12, but I won’t do it). to fit my breasts properly, but a size 10 is huge on me everywhere else. The straps are too long, the bottom is too baggy and rides up, it’s just unflattering. For a while I was wearing the back on track tank, since it has a loose flowing bottom and doesn’t matter if it was loose. This is still a great top for hot classes, or hot weather exercise…but I just don’t find it flattering and don’t generally feel good in them. Also, although I still need it in a size 10 to have enough breast coverage, the straps in that size have gotten loose on me. Wearing any of the Lululemon tops in a size 8 which is what the rest of my body probably really needs…is unacceptable for my breasts unless it’s a topless practice!

Although I am still wearing my old Lululemon tops when I’m laundry deprived, I have recently bought a bunch of new tops in different brands. I have to say, I’m quite pleased!

One of is my favorite brands is prAna, which I can sometimes find at Winners for about 25$ a pop. Here is one of my favorite ones:

I also really like Karma, these tops are not cheap and are sold at my yoga studio. They are really flattering though, and even though they do not usually have a built-in bra, they have a fit and material that seems to support me okay with a regular sports bra underneath, for yoga anyways. Luckily, I got a gift card for the studio from my mom for my birthday…so I have been able to splurge on a few of these lovely tops. Here is the one I wore yesterday (I’m buying the same on in another pattern soon):

I’ve also been wearing this Spalding top, bought at Winners for 12$, a lot. I always get compliments on it and wish I could find it in another colour!

Often, people are complaining about the quality and fit of Lululemon these days, but also that there are no alternatives. Clearly, there are lots of cute flattering and well wearing alternatives. I will continue to post pictures of some of my new workout wear, in hopes of inspiring from other people to go beyond Lululemon if it’s no longer working for them!

Once summer comes, I am pretty sure that will continue to be running in my beloved cool racer back. These tops are still a good fit on me, (because they do not have a built-in bra, and are a very forgiving shape and material that seems to fit in a variety of sizes. I have them in sizes 6 to 10, that all fit me well!) and I believe they are still the most comfortable thing I found to wear for hot weather exercise!


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