When recipes go wrong

We are having some kids over tonight for Zoë’s 11th birthday, so I decided to make some mini-cauliflower pizzas for myself. I figured we were spending enough money ordering pizza for the kids, that I didn’t want to spend more on a special gluten-free one for me. Anyway, I had a cauliflower just sitting in the fridge waiting to be used!

Unfortunately, after I had already completed the first few steps, including baking the plain crusts, I realized I was out of tomato sauce! Not a drop of it to be found in the house! It snowing like crazy out, and I am home alone with both kids. Zoe is old enough to leave home alone but Charlotte is not. Nor is Zoe old enough to leave Charlotte with her. No way in hell was I going out to get tomato sauce!

So what I did instead, was I spread a little bit of minced garlic on the crusts, and then some shredded mozzarella cheese, and then baked.


It doesn’t taste like pizza, but it is a wonderful gluten-free alternative to another favorite food that I have been missing…which is cheesy covered garlic bread.

Sometimes, recipes go so wrong it’s right!


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