Soupy goodness

Anybody who reads my blog can see I generally like to make my own food. It allows me to be completely in control of the taste and nutrition, and is a skill I’ve been honing. Over the years the food around this home has gone from mostly store bought, boxed or prepared to mostly homemade real foods. I’m glad of that! It’s better for us, tastes better and costs less. It’s also fun to learn cool new tasty things (though not fun to clean up after, or when nobody likes it!)

But it is still good for me to have some prepared foods on hand. There isn’t always time to cook and aren’t always enough leftovers. Also, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I need to eat early (be done by 5:30) to go to Ashtanga for 8. Otherwise, I spend half the class struggling with reflux. If I’m at the office those days I bring two meals and eat dinner at 4:30 before I leave. But if my schedule has me out of the office and coming home at my normal time (5:30ish) with the kids…I need something fast and easy to scarf down myself before I make dinner for the others. I try to have leftovers around for this time, and also some organic frozen dinners if need be.

Yesterday’s, one if my colleagues had this soup for lunch. He raved about it:

As soon as I saw it I wanted it! Since I’d only brought a frozen meal for my own dinner, I decided to run to the supermarket and grab some on my break and have it for dinner instead. So I did! It was delicious…and the ingredient list is great. Vegetarian, gluten free, nothing but real food! I’ve been told the other varieties are just as yummy, and will try them.

Of course I know with a little better meal planning I could never need to rely on prepared foods. Oh well, I’m not trying to win any awards…just trying to feed myself and my family well. So I’m glad to find a product that does so when I’m in a time (or effort) pinch!



2 thoughts on “Soupy goodness

  1. funny i used to always make my own food and as time goes on i have started making more prepared foods….not proud of it but i just find it’s so rushed in the evenings that i often don’t want to use up my time in the kitchen when i could be snuggling with the kids on the couch after they come home from school!

    • I know it’s hard. Meal Planning is the best way…but I’m bad at sticking to it. One thing that is good for me as I do spend a few hours working at home in the morning or afternoon a week most weeks. On those days, I always make sure to have soup on stove or quickly prepare a casserole so I only have to throw it in the oven later, to make preparing dinner quicker at night.

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