Sucking oil

Recently, I started reading about oil pulling online. Basically, it entails swishing oil (coconut, sesame and olive are common) in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes, then spitting it out and brushing. This is an ancient Ayurvedic technique and the oil is supposed to pull toxins from the body. It is purported to solve everything from headaches and hangovers to cancer, and be great for oral health and teeth whitening. Gwyneth Paltrow does it!

I do not believe for a second that this cures serious medical issues. However, I felt (and the articles I read mostly confirmed) that there was some solid rationale behind the oral health benefits, as much bacteria in the mouth (and plaque) is oil soluble.

I do not have the best oral health. I’m spite of good oral hygiene, repeated bouts of tonsillitis from my pre-gluten-free days have left my tonsils swollen and with scars that get plaque caught in them. I cannot always get the plaque out and it is uncomfortable and makes my breath feel and taste gross. I had one of these “tonsil stones” for over a year on before I got it out…removing them is difficult and nasty.

So I’ve been oil pulling for 3 days, 15-20 minutes with olive oil.

In just 3 days, I’ve noticed 3 results. Most of them I started to notice from the very first day:

1. My teeth look whiter. It’s true. Two colleagues spontaneously asked yesterday (day 2) if I’d whitened my teeth recently.

2. A swollen tender spot on my gum that’s been irritating me for a week or so was gone on day 1.

3. A stubborn tonsil stone that has been visible and irritating for months (yet I’d been unable to remove it) was visibly smaller by the first day and is now gone!

I just might keep this up!

1) do it first thing in the morning.

2) do it when you are task focused (I do when I’m washing, doing hair and make-up and getting dressed) to occupy the time. I do these things first thing in the morning when only I’m awake, so nobody talks to me.

3) spit out in garbage, not drain, to avoid clogs.

4) rinse mouth with saltwater than brush teeth after pulling.

I know this sounds really really gross and disgusting. I can say this is honestly not as bad as it seems. I do not gargle it vigorously like mouthwash. I simply roll it around my teeth and mouth gently, until the last 10 seconds or so, then I gargle it to really get to my throat and tonsils.

Happy pulling!

(Don’t my teeth look white?)




One thought on “Sucking oil

  1. Your teeth look amazing! Back in 1998, a fellow ESL teacher friend (from France) used to do this! I have never tried, but after reading your post, I think I will! My friend also DRANK a TBSP of oilve oil a day. That I don’t think I can do.

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