EOS, not worth the hype

Lately, I’ve seen more and more women whip pretty EOS spheres out of their handbags. I’ve also seen then raved about all over the internet. I’ve been watching for a sale for a while, because there is no way in hell I’m paying 4$ for it!

I love blue Blistex. Ever since I badly chapped my lips running a 10k, it has been my favourite lip goo. I have some others I like for maintaining smooth lips…Burt’s Bees usually…but for severely damaged lips, Blistex is the bomb! Heals and relives pain.

Last weekend I finally spied EOS on sale for $3.00 or so. I grabbed a blueberry acai one (the others were all sold out).

The good: the sphere is easy to find in my handbag and looks cool, the balms smells and tastes sweet and subtle, it is all natural.

The not so good: it just first work so well. It provides some “in the moment” moisture…but it doesn’t feel special or spectacular, and the moisture doesn’t last long at all. Burt’s Bees and most other lip-balms I have tried provide far superior moisture, that lasts longer.

If natural floats your boat, I recently got a tester of EpicBlend balm. It feels, smells and lasts great.

As got the EOS, I’d give it to one of my kids…but they won’t agree on who should get it so…I guess it stays with me. At least until I see it on sale again so they can both have one.


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