Just peachy

I always find it interesting the way that doing something I don’t really want to do often leads to rewards!

Yesterday, a friend and her family invited us to join them at a shopping area where they like to hang out. I don’t really like this place. It’s nice, but it’s about a 30 minute drive away, and there are very few stores there I would shop at. It is a very high-end outdoor shopping center, and a few stores there that I would shop at I can just as easily go to at my local mall. My friend’s family likes to go there to walk…but I would much prefer to go to a local park to walk. This shopping area is expensive, the parking is chaotic there, and it is sorta far away, especially for my two kids to whine and complain in the car a lot!

I especially didn’t want to go there yesterday, because I am on a budget. I haven’t mentioned that here, but sometime in early March I consolidated all of my credit card debt onto one line of credit, and I’m working hard to pay it off. I have not really bought anything for myself since then, and very little for the kids…only things that are absolutely needed. Luckily, I took advantage of end of season sales last fall, so we have a lot of new spring and summer stuff already! In addition to shopping a lot less, I have unsubscribed myself from all of the websites I like to shop on, so I am not tempted by the ease of online shopping. I have also been bringing my lunch to work far more often, pretty well every day except when I have lunch with a client planned…because then it is reimbursed. 

Anyway, obviously since I am on a tight budget I do not enjoy malls the way I used to…even close to home affordable ones. So going to this faraway luxury mall certainly did not appeal to me! I did, however, decide to go with my friends family because we had no other plans and I felt like getting out of the house and not being alone with the kids, which I am doing a lot these days because tax season has been crazy and my husband is always working.

Anyway, back to my story. One of the things I have been looking to buy new this spring is a pair of pastel skinny jeans. I have seen them a lot on other people and in the media, I think they look great. I mostly wear premium high-end jeans these days, once I started there was no turning back! I find them so much more flattering and comfortable. I obviously, however, cannot currently drop $100-$200 on jeans. So I have been looking for ones I like at low-end stores, without much luck.

Yesterday, we went into a store I would never going to on my own. I immediately went to the sale rack at the back, not actually expecting to buy anything, but figuring it was worth looking. What did I find? A pair of Peach printed Paige Verdugo jeans, on sale from $260 to $140 to $80 to $40! Score! I already have these jeans in blue, and know that I love them. I’m not sure exactly why they are so low priced, I guess they are from last year and that pastel jeans and patterned jeans (the pattern on these is quite subtle) are not the height of fashion anymore…that’s okay though. I still like them, and for that price, they don’t have to be the height of fashion! I normally wear size 29 in jeans, but they only had a 28 and 30. After trying both on, I went with the 30. The 28 probably would’ve stretched to fit fine, but since they are such a light colour and because I plan to wear them in spring and summer when too tight jeans can be very uncomfortable, I decided to size up instead of down! Who cares what the number on the waistband says anyway? Not me. Okay, I do a little…but not enough to not buy the jeans because of that number.

Added bonus! All sale merchandise was 50% off the sale price. That’s right! I got a pair of $260 jeans, for $20! I checked online when I got home, and these jeans are on sale on most of the online retailers…but still for $80-100. I definitely got a great deal! I probably should’ve bought two pairs, and tried to sell one on eBay!

I wore them today, of course. Styled with a slightly swingy black flowered T-shirt I got it Winners on clearance last fall, and a black tank top. Because the jeans are light and tight, I figured I needed something dark and a little loose on top, to make them flattering and work appropriate. I think I am pleased with the results!


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