Finally, some good news!

The race is on! I went for a run last night and bumped into a neighbour who is doing it. She was going to go alone (!) but is happy to go with me, especially since she doesn’t drive so her husband would have had to drive her there at 8am (public transit starts at 9 on Sundays)! We won’t actually run together we decided, we both prefer actually running alone so we don’t have to worry about working with someone else’s pace, but it sounds like we will finish a similar time. She is a bit slower than me (says she usually does a 10k around 75 minutes, I’m around 64 typically), but I am not well-trained and will probably have to walk significantly more than usual. Should work out perfectly!

P.s. You can still sponser me!

New shoes (bought last year, but I just started wearing them):

I’ve wanted this pretty pink Asics Nimbus Shoes (I was wearing cumulus, and was told Nimbus would be a step up in cushioning, which I need, for a while and finally got a good deal on them late last fall. Started running in them this week…pretty and comfy!


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