Sporting life 10k 2014

Race day came yesterday. It was, for once, a beautiful day. Usually it is really cold and miserable before and after this race. Yesterday was perfect. Warm and sunny enough to be comfortable before and after running, but cool and breezy enough for running to not get too hot (also lots of shady spots).

I went with my neighbour as planned and that worked our perfectly. We travelled together and hung out before and after running. She is lovely and I may have a new friend!

As for the race itself, I ran most of it (walked about a minute at 5k and again at 8k) and when I got through the finish line was pleased to see that my timer, which I had started at the start line and finished at the finish line, show that I had done it 1:03:51. That would be my fastest 10k yet, except in 2012 when I did it in just over an hour (I was able to do it so quickly because I was almost at the end of half marathon training, running 10 km was actually a step down). Anyways, I was certainly pleased with 1:03:51.

When I got home and saw the official times, I was clocked at 1:05:25. The only slower 10k I’ve done was when I fell. Although that time still would not be an awful time, considering that I barely trained at all for this race and only run outside 4 or 5 times since last fall, and only up to 5 km…I was still disappointed to see that I had done the race almost 2 minutes slower than I thought I had.

However, I find it interesting for this race they only show one time, and I do not know if it is chip time (my time from starting line to finish line) or gun time (time from start of race to finish line) as most race stats show both. I always base myself on chip time not gun time (because that’s how fast I actually ran the distance) and think the time posted might be gun time, because I really don’t see how I could’ve been two minutes off of my timer. Half a minute, maybe? But almost 2 minutes? That doesn’t make sense because I hold my phone in my hand and tap the start and finish exactly when I go through the line.

Anyway, I may or may not find out if the time posted is chip or gun time, and at the end of the day I guess it doesn’t matter…I did the race, I finished it running, and I did it in a decent time for the conditions either way.

I think I’m going to try to do a few more races this year. Last year I only did this one, so I guess it’s no wonder that I didn’t improve my speed much! I am looking at doing a 15k in the fall.



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