A new bag

Remember the bag I dyed hot pink? Sadly, the dye is already wearing off.


I love having a bright red or pink bag! I need one. I need to not spend a lot though.


This is my dream bag. But it’s not happening:

I’ve been looking at Winners and Marshall’s a lot, since I have (had, spent it on the girls today) a gift card I got for Mother’s Day (thanks mom!) but no luck. I did fall in love with this one today, by Lucky Brand, but it was still out of my price range, and the colour will get filthy I know:

Also I just admit I’m a but iffy about buying leather. Since going back to vegetarian, I am just not sure I want to buy animal products. I have no issues using what I already have…but I’m not sure I want to buy more.

I was perusing Amazon tonight and found two bags I loved, at 20% off.

This Rebecca Minkoff, out of my price range but a good deal (about $200 with shipping), and very very cute:


this Big Buddha (a popular veggie brand), about $70:

Gorgeous as the Rebecca Minkoff is, I just cannot justify the cost or the leather…so I went with the Big Buddha. I’ll update with a picture when it arrives!

Other great vegan brands I recommend: Melie Bianco, Urban Expressions, Matt and Nat.


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