Spring promises to myself

It’s June! Finally feels like spring. I often make some spring resolutions:

1. Meditate more. Even if it makes me drool.

2. Let go of some of the expectations I have of myself based on others opinions of me. I’m a good person, the best me I can be, and I’m going to work harder to accept people in my life as they are and hope they do the same with me.

3. Nourish the friendships I want to blossom. Even though it’s a risk (rejection!!). Also work at either backing away from or actively trying to improve (which is also risky because it requires honesty) the relationships that are more negative than positive to me.

4. Finally deal with my home. It’s a disaster. I don’t care if it looks like it should be in a magazine, but I don’t want to be embarrassed by it anymore. If nobody will help me, I’ll do it all myself.

5. Plan a trip this summer, probably local. Maybe Blue Mountain!

We enjoyed our fire-pit for the first time last night. I even had s’mores, thanks to these:


Pics (without Zoë, who was visiting a friend):


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