Style on a budget!

I don’t post outfit of the day pics often anymore, since I don’t buy many new things. But I do on occasion…and like to share.

Today I am wearing a very budget friendly outfit: the tank is from Target and was about 12$ as I bought it in clearance at the end of last summer. The skirt is Old Navy, and I bought it for less than $20 with a 40% off code (I may buy it in a few other colours/patterns next time I have a good code, it is a great fit and all-season). The little cardigan is RW & Co, also bought cheap (I forget how much but definitely less than $20) at last summers end-of-season sales!

I absolutely love end-of-season sales. Not only do they give me an opportunity to buy very inexpensive new clothing that I won’t wear until the next year…they also encourage me to stay in good shape, since I have to be able to fit into that clothing 6-8 months away! For someone like me (who has been obese and is always at risk of going back), that’s important.

Here is the outfit with and without the sweater. The tank top is a little bit too skimpy for work (it is kind of borderline, it is not spaghetti straps so I could probably get away with it… but I do prefer a bit thicker straps on the sleeveless pieces I wear to the office)…but it is certainly great for weekends. I think it would look great with denim shorts!




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