A few days ago, some friends and I were having a discussion about rompers. One was saying she wants to try one on, the others mostly felt that they look ridiculous and childish on everybody including teenage girls, and should definitely not be worn by grown women. One woman thought they were cute on teenagers, but it was wrong for grown woman to wear the same things teenagers do (which is wierd. They also wear jeans, t-shirts, yoga pants…etc. Not wearing anything teenagers do cuts a whole lot of items out of one’s wardrobe!)

Although I certainly can find some pictures of ridiculous looking rompers:


I can also find pictures that look quite nice.



I really think that a lot of them can be a cute alternative to a summery dress, but with a split bottom so you don’t have to worry so much about getting on the ground to play with your kids or how you’re sitting.

I wasn’t really interested in getting one though, because I didn’t think they would look good on me, and I also wouldn’t want to deal with going to the bathroom in one…but I didn’t see anything inherently wrong with a woman in her 30s or 40s considering getting one. Then again, I don’t really see anything inherently wrong with the woman and her 30s or 40s considering wearing anything teenagers also wear. Loads of the clothing I wear is from junior stores and apartments. Just because I sometimes wear clothing teenagers do (although, when I buy in juniors, I suspet much of what I am buying actual teenagers rarely buy  anyways), doesn’t mean I wear the way they would!

I actually take pride in regularly wearing junior clothing (cute patterns, better prices), and making appropriate for me! Much of the clothing I always get compliments on is from the junior department at Winners or Marshall’s, or from stores that typically cater to teenagers and younger adults than me.

Back to rompers. I hate the word by the way!

I even went so far as to try one on at Winners! I actually like the way it looks, and think it would be very cute to wear on weekends or on vacation. It was also actually quite easy to pull up and down, and would probably not be that big a deal in the ladies room. I did not get it though, because even the top of it was a bit skimpy and showed too much of my bra. They only had the one I liked (birds!) in a large though, so the top was quite loose. I believe if they had it in a size medium it would’ve fit me better, covered a bit more, and maybe I would have bought it!



P.S. Huh, turns out I already had this discussion in 2011 (look down for pic). I like the 2014 one more!



One thought on “Romper?

  1. i tried on a romper too at Winners. It was actually cute and fairly flattering but imagining going to the washroom in one stopped me from buying it!
    also I love them on little girls but again the washroom issue stops me from getting them for M!

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