Weekend highlight

I’ve had really nice weekend.

Yesterday morning I went to barre. I’ve green going 2-3 times a week lately and love it. My core and butt are feeling strong and looking tight!

Last night Lotte went to sleepover at my parents and Adam and I had out first child-free night in at least a year.

We never go downtown when we have sitters…the drive just seems to far when we are paying for a sitter or our parents are watching the kids and we want to be home early. Since we had no such restrictions yesterday, I made reservations at a Mexican restaurant (Playa Cabana Cantina ) I’d heard was amazing. Mexican is always a good choice for us, lots corn-based options, and vegetarian options.

Dinner was so good we had cocktails, chips and guacamole, and fish tacos! Yum!




Before dinner, we stopped at a gluten free vegan bakery called Bunner’s for a pre-dinner treat in lieu of dessert. I had a chocolate chip cream filled cookie. So good! I have to go back there…soon!


Following dinner we went for a walk downtown, and then stopped at a park close to home to walk a bitter and visit the dog park. Luckily I had emergency flip-flops in my trunk!

Before bed we watched a silly comedy, Brooklyn 99, and enjoyed a greet sleep.

This morning I considered going to barre, but decided I really really felt like yoga so I went to the free Lululemon class. I’m so glad I went! I was kind of thinking whether I should bother going, because it’s kind of not really my level of yoga and I feel like a show-off (even though it’s not my intention, I just like to get the most from any practice) making a lot of modifications to make it challenging for me. But it turns out that the teacher today taught a great class! It reminded me how much I love yoga, I think for now I’m going to stay where I am (The barre studio) because I am really focusing on running anyway leading up to my 15k But after that, I’m going to do some research and see if I can find a new studio (or return to one of my previous ones, schedules have changed a lot I’m sure), where there are more yoga classes for me. Right now my studio now has only two yoga classes a week I like, and one of them is a time that is very hard for me to go to, 11:30 AM on Sundays. There was a great one Tuesday nights, but it was changed to barre which is great for the studio but i don’t need more barre i need more yoga!

Anyways, for the summer I’ll stay where I am and focus on running and barre and fit in yoga when I can, then reassess in the fall.


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