Vegan Black bag?!?

I have been thinking  for a while but I really need a new black handbag. It is such a staple with my fall and winter wardrobe, and the last time I bought one was before I had Charlotte  (the top right bag in the linked post)!

As my readers know, I have tried to change my shopping habits a lot. I have tried to be more aware of expenses, less concerned about designer brands, and more hesitant to buy products made of animals.

I am not in a place where I will commit to never again buying another designer and/or leather handbag… I may do so soon if it is a great deal and a great bag! But I’m certainly trying to have a more open mind to other options. So I’m sharing a wish list of some black vegan handbags I have been eyeing. Most of them are Melie Bianco or Big Buddha (the Big Buddha ones have the little round golden hang-tag). All available on Amazon. All under $100.


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