Another wonderful summer weekend

Feels like I’m living for weekends these days, work has been so stressful and busy.

This past weekend we got out bright and early to visit Zoë at summer camp. She’s been gone 3 weeks and although we are enjoying a lack of fighting at home, and more fish…we miss her like mad. She is doing great thought. Challenging herself (knee boarding!) and gaining independence (she’s making her own breakfast!) and having piles of fun. She looks so grown up! Some pics from our day (more to come on Adam’s phone)!


Squishing time!


Zoe comforting a sad Lotte.


To our car


A highlight of the day, that Adam has pictures of, was when Zoë and I canoed out to the middle of the lake, and could not get back! Every time we started getting on course to get back to the beach, wind or waves would spin the boat around, and we would have trouble getting back on course. Eventually we got close enough to the beach that one of the counselors waded in and dragged us back to shore. A proud moment for us both!

As usual, we decided to stay in a motel partway home, to make the return of it easier on us all. We stayed in a town called Bobcaygeon, I’ve never been there before, but it was lovely. Lots of restaurants and shops, so we went for a nice walk that evening and ended up having dinner at a little grill. The food wasn’t awesome, but it was fine. The motel room was clean and comfortable, and I went to bed very very early.

Sunday morning I decided to go for a run. It wasn’t a great run! I was supposed to run 4 miles, but only ran 3. This was for multiple reasons. First of all I was tired and achy from all the driving. Second of all, it called for rain and I don’t want to get too far from the motel since I don’t like running inrain (a mild drizzle is fine, but I do not like running in heavy rain because I really worry about slipping and re-injuring my weak ankle). Thirdly and probably most importantly, the motel had no coffee! That’s right. I was running on empty. My running route was so funny, I was running up and down driveways and in and out of parking lots just to get some mileage while staying close to the motel.


the scenic route

In spite of the crazy route, and the fact that I wasn’t really feeling very energetic, it was a beautiful run! The weather was cool but humid, and there were some beautiful sites. I always love running when I’m on vacation, even if it is a very short run. It is still a treat to run somewhere different and see different sites. This pretty little waterside town was no exception!






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