More blue mountain pics!

















One thing that was quite refreshing about where we went was  that, for the first since I’ve started wearing bikinis, I was not the fattest woman wearing one! That’s not a put down, I know that I’m not fat anymore…but most women that I know would consider themselves too big to wear a bikini at my size. Wherever I go, I’m always the only person over a size 4 or maybe 6 a bikini! I cannot go back though…I find them so much more comfortable!

Anyways, at Blue Mountain loads of women of all sizes were wearing them. I even saw a few quite obese women in bikinis, although for the most part the very overweight women were wearing one pieces or tanks. |Lots of women my size or a little bigger than we were in bikinis! It was nice to see!

In other news, after losing 20lbs and keeping most of them  off with MyFitnessPal for the last year, I’ve decided to give it a try without tracking. I’m still going to track my exercise (because I always have, since I started), and also my weight once a week…so if I see it starting to creep up I will go back to tracking my diet as well. But I would really like to be able to maintain without it. Not because it’s difficult, it just seems kind of dysfunctional to have to do that for the rest of my life! If it’s what I have to do I will, but I would very much prefer not to! I didn’t track for the last 4 days, and didn’t gain weight on my trip (although my meals were pretty indulgent, I did not snack much as we were always busy between meals, and I was very active…so I guess it all evened out) is I figure now is as good a time as any to try and keep it up without tracking.


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