This ugly dress

I bought this dress at Target several months ago, late in the spring. I have no idea why I even tried it on, it’s really not my style. I also have no why idea why it looked good enough that I decided to buy it, but it did. In spite of that moment, I’ve never worn it because every time I look at it hanging in my closet I think how ugly it is, and am unable to imagine that it looked good enough to buy it.

Today, after somehow managing to wear nothing but dark skirts and tops all week (so feeling like I haven’t changed all week even though I had), I decided to try it on today because I was eager to wear something different and light. It didn’t look hideous, so I decided to keep it on.

I got so many compliments today, I can hardly believe it. One of the reasons I decided to keep wearing it was that today is a Friday in summer, so let’s face it, the office would be pretty dead. I also had no appointments today. It’s true, the office was dead…but I think every single person that was there (maybe 7 colleagues) specifically complimented my dress! One of them that it was Art Deco. So here you have it, my $20 Art Deco dress from Target! I am adding some pictures that show the super cute necklace I got at RW&Co, for about $7!





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