Zoë’s Hair! Mine too!

Remember a few years ago when I highlighted Zoë’s hair all by myself! I got a lot of attitude for doing that when she was so young (both allowing highlights, and doing them myself), but she loved it, and I didn’t care!

Well, I’ve done it again. She asked for purple tips, bright purple tips, not the type that you can get from just dyeing over hair, the type that requires breach. So I bought a Splat kit, and bleached her tips. The original plan was to then go over them all with bright purple, but she actually really like the caramel color that the bleach created, and wanted to keep it. So instead, we put five thin purple streaks in them, and left the rest as is. We are both very pleased with the results! I may be in the wrong profession…




While we are talking hair, after almost a year of Curly Girl…I am amazed how awesome my hair it. The recent picture, BTW, is 3rd day hair! That means I washed it on Wednesday morning, and took this picture Friday (afternoon).



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