New boots!! New boots!!

Okay, I know what my loyal readers are thinking. You’re thinking that I did not need new boots. I’m here to tell you you’re wrong, I did!

Here is why.

It’s true that I have lots of boots. I have a pair of black Miz Mooz wedges, and I have a pair of black Seychelles heels. I also have a pair of black leather Uggs. I have red Miz Mooz boots, and I have Brown Fly Londons.

Yes, I have boots.

But what I know longer have, is a pair of good warm black waterproof winter boots that are nice enough to wear for work. I have a pair of old Hush Puppies that I wear for shoveling and such things, they fit great and warm and dry and comfortable…but the leather is so worn that they look awful. When I wear them, I have to touch them up like five times throughout the day! Not very practical.

The Fly London boots I bought a few years ago were perfect. They looked awesome, they were waterproof, they were warm and cozy. That’s why I wore the shit out of them, getting the soles replaced a couple years in. But last year they finally bit the dust. My brown Fly Londons are warm and waterproof, but they are brown and do not go with everything.

I thought I had replaced them with Miz Mooz wedges I bought online. But even though I love those wedges, they are not a replacement. I’m not convinced they are waterproof, and they are definitely not warm and cozy. Also, the heel is wrapped in leather and I’m pretty sure that it would not stand up well to snow and slush. I actually try to sell them, but I was unable to, and eventually started wearing them. They’re beautiful boots for dressing up, but definitely not every day winter boots.

I was planning to manage with my other black Miz Mooz, they are not particularly warm, but they can be worn with thick socks and waterproofed with spray, and are very comfortable and have a good thick sole…I wore them quite a bit last winter (mostly on milder dry days that is be mostly inside). However, last weekend the entire side of one of them opened up and ripped apart!

My new UGGs are awesome fall boots, warm and comfortable and have a great look, but they are also low and wide, so even with waterproofing spray, there is no way they would keep snow out.

So, you see, I needed boots.

I must say, finding nice waterproof winter boots at a decent price is getting harder and harder. I can find lace up waterproof boots everywhere, but I don’t like that style. I mean, I might like it for weekends at the supermarket or skating rink…but I want boots that I can feel comfortable in for work and socializing. Hush Puppies used to make a lot of boots like this, fitted designs that were waterproof and insulated. It seems they make very few of them now, and the ones they do make are hard-to-find.

I finally decided to go back to Scarpino, and buy another pair of Fly Londons, something like these. They are about $300, but they are awesome! It really hurts me to think of spending that much money though-last time I bought boots that pricey, I had a gitft card to help me. Luckily, when I was in the store, the sales person suggested a pair of Kodiak boots. They are normally $230, but he always gives me a good discount because I’m a loyal customer! After trying them on, I spent another day searching stores and also searching the Internet…to see if there was anything I like that was comparable for a lower price, or if I can get a better deal online. After much research, I went back and bought the boots.

I present to you, the Kodiak Muskoka boot! Thick (seemingly) high-quality treated leather, thinsulate lining, thick rubber soles with a nice sleek attractive shape and design. I wore them today, it was very cold out and snowed in the afternoon, and they looked and felt great! Here’s hoping I have them for a few years!
Kodiak Women's Muskoka


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