Foley and Corinna Moto City action shots



Plopped on the floor (because it is my firmly held opinion that a handbag needs to look as nice set down as it does on the body)

I love the bag and definitely intend to keep it, however I do have two minor complaints, both related to the strap. First of all, the underside of the strap is very smooth, which means it slides off my shoulder easily. Particularly when I am wearing a equally smooth Columbia winter jacket (it is noticeably better without my jacket on, and would also probably be better with a wool coat, which I do have but don’t usually wear)! Secondly, and somewhat related, the shoulder strap is rather long and not adjustable. I prefer the shoulder strap to be a bit shorter, especially with a bag that is prone to sliding off the shoulder, because then the bag is tucked under my arm and my hand naturally lands under the bag…both of which keep it in place better. Like this (I tied a knot):

Maybe I’ll keep the knot? Or have the strap shortened?

UPDATE: I just went for a long walk wearing it cross-body. Very comfortable so I won’t shrten the strap, though I do still wish it was adjustable so it would fit better as a shoulder bag.


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