New purse, Foley and Corinna!

Last week while running around, the strap came right off my Lucky Brand Logan tote. I was so not happy. I love this bag, and although it is not exactly “designer” it is nice leather and was not cheap, I expected it to be my black everyday fall/winter bag for a couple years and it only made it a couple months. Luckily, I had a purse in my trunk I was planning to give to charity so I was able to dump all my stuff into that and continue my day.

I was totally not in the mood for shopping but needed a new big black purse (who doesn’t? right?), so two days later 2 things happened to help me achieve my goal with minimum effort:

1) email from amazon, 25% off selected purses

2) Adam gave me an amazon gift card he’s had lying around for years after he returned a damaged item.

So I went into my wishlist (always a collection of bags, boots, shoes and watches) and picked one out that qualified for the discount.

Foley and Corinna Moto City bag! After the discount and gift card, I only spent $60, which was mostly import fees (that Amazon almost always ends up refunding much of!).

As a bonus, I used free shipping and accepted an estimated delivery date of January 8…but it quickly went to December 22, then yesterday!

Here are stock pictures of my new pretty. Action shot later!




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