Random crapola

My blogging continues to suck. Busy and stressed are the words of the day (Month? Year?)

I will add some updates and reviews though, because I can. At the end…random pics.

1. Serial. I so addicted to this podcast it’s not funny. Episodes are the perfect length of time to take me to and from the Office, and the podcast appeals to me not only because the story is riveting and mysterious, but I also love the host! I want to have coffee with her.

2. Music. My newest musical obsessions are:
 •Fourfiveseconds by Rihanna and crew (I get the feeling nobody but me likes the song),
•Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding (no, I don’t plan to see the 50 states of gray movie. But I love the song!)

3. Books. I’ve read some great books recently:
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins-thrilling mystery!
Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel-dystopian novel with wonderfully rich characters and connections
The Believers by Zoë Heller-Family drama.

4. Elephants. I also read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. The book was good (until the end which I hated) but the best part wasn’t the story, but the elephant information. I’ve been googling and youtubing elephants ever since.

5. Marco Polo. So good. So so so good!

6. Boots. These. Bought on sale at Designer Shoe warehouse to save for next fall and winter. I believe I have finally found the perfect replacement for my dearly departed Fly Yevens.


More pics on the iPhone:


Morning selfie, I like it.


Sledding! Not me, them!


My first time wearing my red boots this year. I should wear them more. Looking at them makes me happy.


Skating fun. The little one is now a proficient and confident enough skater to circle the arena with me, at a fun speed. The older one still hugs the wall but shhhh…that’s a secret! My kids are so different!


Family day at swim lessons. She’s finally swimming independently!


Bean-boozled. Yes, my house is a mess. No, I don’t care. Fun matters more and I cannot do it all!


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