Lip stuff

For years I have mostly worn mostly berry toned lip glosses. I like the dark shiny look that wears off easily and naturally. Recently, Almay Clour and Care LIquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good has been my favorite:

Of course I’ve made some forays into deeper colours but they’ve never lasted long. I love to look but hate the upkeep. It seems everything I try is either to Matt and drying, or to glossy and wears off too quickly. Nothing feels good and looks good for more than 10 minutes!

Last weekend we met some friends for dinner and I noticed gaviesgals lips were deep red and looked great…and stayed that way throughout our meal.

So of course I had to ask her what she was using for hier lips, and she informed me it was Stila stay all day vinyl, so I tested it out at the Sephora store, and bought it the next day. Scarlet is the shade:

At $32 a tube, the stuff is not cheap! That said, it does last for several hours and keep its moist (and a bit too sticky) feel, and you also only need a tiny bit of it. It is very thick and highly pigmented, so it only takes a tiny bit blended in to get full coverage. I’m quite pleased with that!

This morning I ran some errands at the drugstore, and decided to try the Stila stay all day liquid lip-stick ($28) in fiery.  It boasts the same lasting power, but is not a gloss. It is also a great color, but very matte and not at all moist feeling. I’ve been wearing it for two hours and it still looks great! I probably won’t buy it, but it is a nice alternative if you don’t want sticky lips and prefer a matte look:

My colleague asked what was up with the red lips, this is what I told her^^^^^^^^


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