Weekend eatin’ 

Last night we went out for dinner at That’s Italian. I wanted to go somewhere new for dinner to celebrate Adam’s birthday, and since this place offer gluten-free pizza and pasta and had great reviews, it seemed perfect. It was definitely a good choice! Adam and Charlotte both said the pizza was excellent, and Zoe enjoyed her pastor. I had gluten-free salmon penne… Which I adore! They also had cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, which made it extra special for Adam, because he does love the cheesecake factory!

I tried three new recipes today. 

1. One of them was these chocolate sparkle cookies. They came out pretty good…I didn’t adore them, but the kids did. Good thing, because chocolate cookies at the last thing I need!

2. I also made baked eggs and avocado. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen tons of foodies posting this snack, and decided it was worth a try. I ended up using only one egg, because the avocados I had were very small. I just used a spoon to cut the yolk in half, put half the yolk in each avocado hole, poured the whites over the top, then sprinkled with salt and pepper and baked at at 350° for about 15 minutes.

They look pretty but are nothing special. I don’t really know what the big deal is! It tasted fine…but nothing I’d go out of my way for. I would rather just eat an avocado with a spoon, with a little salt-and-pepper shaken on! As for eggs, I would rather scramble them with a little cheese, or mix poached eggs with smoked salmon. Smoked salmon…ummmm.

3. For dinner tonight, I made this coconut curry lentil soup that has been saved in my iPhone for ever! I didn’t have carrots or spinach, so I skipped those, and used “lite” coconut milk…and it still came out absolutely delicious and very filling. The recipe as it is made a huge amount of soup, so I will have some for the rest of the week!



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