New mousse

After months of good results, I found that my AG mousse gel had stopped working well for me, and my hair was looking frizzy and stringy. This tends to happen a lot…my hair does really well with the product, and then it seems to stop working. I decided to go back to the product I used most before (since I had a new tube of it), AG recoil. I actually had good results recoils the recoil, but I’ve gotten used to mousse! I find they dry much quicker, and less crunchy.  After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to try John Freida Curl Reviver. Got great reviews, and was also on sale for about seven dollars! I tried it for the first time today: 

I am happy with the way my curls look and  feel, however there is not much volume at the top of my hair. That might just be a problem with how I styled it today, or it might be the product. I will experiment a bit with using some extra product at those roots, and see how that goes!


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