Pink and pouty

My obsession with Stila stay all day continues, so today I tested the liquid lipstick in in Fiore. I don’t think I’ve ever worn hot pink lipstick before. It was fun for a few hours but it’s not for me!

I am wearing a cute new sweater today from Old Navy. I usually only buy kids clothes, workout clothes, and pajamas from Old Navy…but occasionally I spot a gem! I feel so ladylike in the sweater. Pants are Citizens of Humanity Corduroy jeans (*The last time I tried to wear them, about a month ago, I couldn’t put them on!)

*My comment in brackets brings me to my next update. After my complaint about my unexplained weight gain, I consulted with a friend of mine who is a nutritionist and runs a weight loss program on Monday. 

When I told her I had gained all this weight, even though I had not made any significant changes to my diet or exercise routine and know that for sure because I track, and did not know why…her first question was if I had been under extra stress and I have trouble sleeping. As most of you know, the last year and a half or so has really sucked for me! I have been dealing with pretty well unrelenting issues at work and in my family that I consider above and beyond normal life stress. As a result there has been a non-stop anxiety in me for the past year at least. I’m going to a therapist for CBT, and it certainly helps bring it down and helps me deal with acute panic attacks…but the chronic hum of anxiety is always there. Unless I’m drunk (which I try not to be often)!  I have also had a lot of sleeping issue since last summer, and most nights get about six hours of broken sleep.  Again, therapy helps with that…but it still hasn’t brought me back to what I could consider regular nights of sleep.

When I told her that, she said right away that that was the problem, that increased stress and lack of sleep cause increased cortisol (which I knew), which can increase weight, particularly in the belly (which I didn’t know)! That’s interesting, because I have only noticed my belly getting bigger. My clothing is getting tight there, but nowhere else. My bras still fit perfectly, even with a 15 pound weight! My jeans still fit my hips, thighs and butt perfectly, but the waist is sometimes hard to do up. That’s probably why my weight gain doesn’t really show, I wear tight tank tops to hold my belly in, and have been wearing looser swingy tops that do not show my muffintop often. 

Anyway, she said that I did need to pay extra attention to my diet and exercise because what has worked for me before wasn’t working anymore due to age and stress, and also suggested I take a supplement that would help regulate my stress and cortisol levels. I did not take the supplement she recommended, Rhodiola, because it is contra-indicated for me.  Instead I got a supplement called Himalayan stresscare, which had very good reviews and is supposed to help with stress and regulating cortisol levels. I have been taking three a day since Monday. The first day I felt very sleepy, but since then I have been fine.

Since Monday, I have noticed my cravings have decreased a lot. Even though my meals are still essentially the same, I am not doing things like going back for seconds or grabbing a chocolate from my supervisors desk as often. Also twice I had planned in MyFitnessPal to have dessert, a cup of frozen yogurt, after dinner…but wasn’t hungry enough for it and didn’t want it. A few weeks ago, as long as there was room in MFP for it, I would’ve wanted to have it whether I was actually hungry or not. Now, when I am not actually hungry, I do not want to snack. I have actually been forcing myself to have fruit mid morning and mid afternoon, because that is generally when I eat fruit which is good for me…and I want to keep my blood sugar levels steady. Besides helping with my appetite, I am definitely sleeping better. Last night I fell asleep at 11, and slept until seven this morning! Usually on weeknights I fall asleep around 11, and by five am awake and trying  unsuccessfully to fall back asleep until about seven. (For some reason I sleep much better on weekends, even when I’m not particularly stressed about work. Something about knowing that I have to get up for work makes my entire night of sleep and early-morning much harder.)

Even though it’s only been a few days, I can also see the scale inching down, (and got these pants back on today). I  do not have a digital scale, so it’s not precise (I  usually consider my weight a 5 pound range, since it fluctuates a lot and sorta depends how I am standing on it) but I can see that it is going down.

It may be a placebo effect right now, but honestly it’s working for me so I don’t care!

I have to get back into shape. Not only do I have my wardrobe to think about…we just booked a trip to the Bahamas in May and  I know I’ll enjoy myself much more if I feel confident in my summer clothes and swimwear! 


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